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Master change with strategic leadership

Change is constant -- how you handle it makes all the difference. We’re here to help you and your teams adapt, grow and get better at what they do best.

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Strategic Leadership

Get instant access to deep expertise to drive strategic outcomes that get your company to the next stage.

Strategic Assessment
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Measure twice, cut once, lead with precision

Facing leadership challenges? Whether it's frustrated customers, roadmap chaos, or problems in engineering and infrastructure, we bring the know-how to get things done.

Succession planning

Whether hiring for a new role or filling a vacancy, recruiting a new leader can take 6 to 16 months. You need a trusted partner fast to help you manage through the transition and meet your goals. We have experienced CTOs, VPs of Engineering, Chief Architects, Technical Operations leaders, VPs of Product, and Design leaders who get up to speed quickly to guide your team and support your organization.

Fast growth, safely

Growth is the goal of every organization, but it doesn’t come easily. It takes expertise to scale quickly without scaling your organizational problems. We have the know-how to organize the teams, processes, and systems required to facilitate rapid growth so your business can keep pace.

Strategic assessment

You want to know how your team is performing. A neutral outside perspective helps you see past blind spots and get to the truth. We tailor our assessments to visualize how your people, processes, and tools perform today so you can make informed decisions about the future. Together, we will clarify what's urgent and a path to progress.

Course correction

Everyone has great plans -- but when reality hits, it helps to have someone with experience to help change your team's direction. We have helped many good teams transform their way to great.

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About Lab Zero

Since 2008 Lab Zero has delivered software products that launch some of the world’s most recognizable brands like, Visa, Autodesk (and more) into new orbits.

These companies bring Lab Zero into the picture to ensure that their most valuable or risky software development plans work out.

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Walmart LogoPayPal LogoVisa LogoStarbuks LogoAutodesk LogoGE LogoGoogle LogoApple LogoShire LogoPwC LogoSerco LogoComputer Associates LogoAccela LogoLending Club Logo


Our portfolio company was about to grow and it would have really been our problems growing wildly if we didn't get help from Lab Zero to lead us through this change.

-- Investor

Look no further for the gold standard of product development firms. Lab Zero is all you need. They exemplify the best in software design, engineering, agile best practices, and delivery solutions that are not only secure, performant, and scalable, but also beautiful. Your customers will love the product results. I know ours do.

-- Director of Engineering

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